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TJ Cormier.

I lost 186lbs in 12 months and have never felt more confident.

Valera Bamgbala.

I lost 40lbs in 7 months with New Human's training programs.
Fat Loss

Shawn Arquillano.

I'm down 30lbs and feel stronger and more energized than ever.
Muscle Gain

Anelise Pena.

I finally stopped struggling to balance fitness and school.
Fat Loss

Lucy Parento.

I dropped from 21% to 15% body fat with New Human's support.

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We believe in simplifying fitness, helping the less fortunate and empowering you.

Our Mission

We are about more than fitness.

New Human's mission is to make the world a healthier and happier place through fitness. We do that by empowering former athletes reclaim their confidence, energy and drive without spending hours at the gym.

We've positively impacted thousands of lives around the world.
New Human donates 10% of its profits to support social impact initiatives. We focus on donating and empowering children around the world and help them get access to food, shelter and a community of those who care.
Our Platform

Fitness is better together.

We launched a holistic platform to give you everything you need to succeed using a fine balance of tech and movement science.
We wanted to create a space that provided all of the guidance, support and resources you could need to build momentum on your fitness journey.
Our Members

Made for you.

New Human is a fully inclusive community focused on helping individuals become the best version of themselves.
Anyone with a goal, a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard will succeed in our community. We built this system to help people feel comfortable regardless of what step you are in your journey.
Our Trainers

Health & Fitness experts in your corner to make sure you maximize your potential.

Our team of qualified fitness professionals provide personalized feedback on your programs, nutrition and recovery. They are active in the community to ensure you are never met with a roadblock you can't handle.
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Flexibility & Mobility

Feel better in your body on a daily basis with our stretching and mobility programs.

Mid-Life Bootcamp

Have a major health breakthrough and stop feeling stuck with your fitness goals.

Full Body Transformation

Push your body to the limit with our body weight program.

30 Day Core Challenge

Build a stable core to help with balance and agility.

Bicep Revolution

Get ready for a "suns out, guns out" summer.

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Michael Soares

His goal is to help individuals become the best version of themselves so they can also help the world become a better place.
B.S. Exercise Science
ISSA Certified 
Precision Nutrition Lvl 1
Pre/Post Natal Certified

Taylor Doxsee

Over the past 8 years, Taylor has worked all over the globe with a vast array of populations, disorders, injuries, many other chronic and acute conditions.
U.S. Ski Cross Team 2012-2013
NASM Weight Loss Specialist Certified 
NASM Nutrition Specialist Certified 
OsteoBlast and SpeedBlast Training

Steven Soares

By combining his athletic background with his affinity for teaching, Steven seamlessly connects with people and helps them pursue their wellness as persistently as he does his own.
ISSA Certified 

Dimitry Torres

Dimitry is on the path to get his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and strives to help people enjoy effective and pain-free workouts.
B.S. Exercise Science
ISSA Certified

Aaron Anniballi

Aaron truly believes student athletes can become the best version of themselves through this sport and exercise.
Former D3 College Basketball Player
6+ Years of Coaching Experience

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